It is with tremendous gratitude that I share my latest exhibit. Invited by the Horizons Unitarian Church in Carrollton, Texas to present over 30 pieces in their facility. The people of Horizons have been most generous and supportive as I prepared this exhibit.

I have chosen a variety of work styles beginning with my work in photography, to enhanced photography and migrating to my more advanced digital work. A few of these pieces have incorporated some of my early watercolor experiments.

It is so fulfilling to be able to share my work with the lovely people of Horizons. The facility is open to the public. The hours are flexible but limited due to Covid and the number of people present at any given time is restricted. Please bring your mask if you plan to visit.

Horizons Unitarian Universalist Church is located at 1641 W Hebron Pkwy, Carrollton, TX 75010. To call for hours the number is (972) 492-4940.

Leaving It All BehindLeaving It All BehindDo you ever tire of carrying all that baggage? Where does it come from? Well, some comes from our childhood. The well-intended corrections of our parents later become the bulky reminders we carry for life. And what about those personal expectations – the perfect house the perfect life that we post on Instagram.
Then there is the trunk I carry around. Stuff I have picked up along the way. Willingly, I carry around the weight of my self-imposed self-improvements. How heavy that baggage becomes.
Maybe it is time to Leave It All Behind.




Artist of the Year : Visual Art League Lewisville, MCL Grand, Jan 2021


PUBLISHED:    Living the Photo Artistic Life Magazine,

Shift Art: Winner, June, 2019 Shift Art Photoshop Challenge

Special Honor: Times Square Electronic Billboard Display,  PWP /Queens Botanical Gardens,
                           May 2019

Spreading the LightSpreading the LightHow dark this world would be without those who shine their light on us, spreading their light from candle to candle and encouraging the glow they find in others. Oh, that we might light the entire forest.
On display, Times Square Electronic Billboard 2019, NYC Botanical Gardens 2018, Monseratt Gallery, NYC (Chelsea), August 2018, and Gallery 3, Dallas, Tx (Bishop Arts), February, 2017.


Lost In A Garden: May, 2021, Lewisville Grand Theater

Lost In EdenLost In EdenShe could have been the blessed mother of all nations, but a chance encounter with a serpent changed everything. All was Lost In Eden.



World Cultures: January 9 - Feb 6, 2020


Raining in RomeRaining in Rome

         Fresh Ideas: July 18 - Aug 15, 2020

Rain In The CityRain In The CityPhotography and Digital Paint Composite.
Limited Edition


Color Dance: June 24 - July 12, 2020

Medical Center Grand Theater, Lewisville, Texas, by Visual Arts League

MariahMariahElements of Nature: Wind


The Gift Of Art: An Art Sale Exhibit: December 7 - 28, 2019

    Medical Center Grand Theater, Lewisville, Texas


Abstracted Reality: June 4-15, 2019

     Atlantic Gallery, 548 W 28th, Suite 540, NYC, Opening Reception, June 6

     Exhibit sponsored by Professional Women Photographers of New York City.

Urban WhispersUrban WhispersListen, and you will discover the stories they tell.

Expressions of Life: August 2-30, 2018

     Montserrat Contemporary Arts Gallery, 547 W 27th, New York City, NY, Opening August 2, 2018.

Architectural MixArchitectural MixPhotographic Cubism.
On display, Monserrat Gallery, Chelsea, August 2018.

Our Botanical World Exhibition: May 4 – August 8, 2018

    Queens Botanical Gardens, 43-50 Main Street, Flushing NY, 11355


The Power of Tones: December 5-16, 2017

    Jadite Gallery, 413 West 50th Street, New York City, NY, 10019, 9729778045,

    Opening Reception, December 17, 2017


Through The Lens: February 10 – March 2, 2017

    Gallery 3 Bishop Arts, Dallas, TX


Platinum 4: January 26, 2017

    Gallery 3, Bishop Arts, Dallas, Tx


Grand Prairie Arts Council Annual Juried Art Show: 9/18/16 

    116 E Main St, Grand Prairie, TX 75050, Awarded 2nd Place, Digital Art


Chicks Who Click Exhibition of Local Women Artists: April 1 – July 31, 2013

    Arlington Museum of Art, 201 W Main Street, Arlington, TX